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Casas Pernambucanas Headquarters

Sao Paulo-SP


Built Area: 30,000.00 sq. mts.

Scope: Architecture and Interior Design

Schematic design for the occupation of the spaces of the warehouses belonging to the company, centralizing all the administrative operations of the client.


The client needed a solution that would enable the return of seven leased properties in the Paulista Avenue region and concentrate these operations in a single and proper address.


In addition to streamlining administrative areas, humanized work spaces were created for employees, including a shopping center, rest and leisure areas, parking areas and a data center that would concentrate data from all the company's branches and operations.


The Brazilian branch of VOA Associates, under the leadership of Eduardo Manzano and Marcos Leite Bastos, was in charge of the building's retrofit project and the interior design project.

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