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Moriah Lyvid Angra 

Angra dos Reis, RJ


Built Area: 3,700.00 sq. mts.

Scope: Interiors

Complete interior design of the common areas of the resort where the focus was to present, at the same time, sophisticated and rustic spaces using Brazilian design and local workmanship, with a strong focus on local regionalization.


Many of the specified components will be produced by artisans from nearby villages, creating a synesthetic relationship with the population of the Paraty/Angra dos Reis region.


The areas that were subject to intervention by our team were: Social Block, containing reception, lobby, restaurants, gym, lounge, games room, cigar shop, bar and restrooms; Recreational Block: Containing Theatre, Restaurant, Playroom, Convenience Store and Toilets; Spa: containing sauna, massage rooms, lounges, beauty salon and barber shop, in addition to toilets and changing rooms; and Water Park: furniture project for swimming pool and aquatic bar.

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