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Rio Quente Convention Resort

Rio Quente, GO


Built Area: 42,712.00 sq. mts.

Scope: Architecture and Interior Design


A client of Eduardo Manzano since 1986, Goias-based Rio Quente Resorts, commissioned a project of a hotel component with 404 apartments, water park, convention center, common and support areas.


Offering a component fully dedicated to conventions and events has always been a desire of the group, the largest Latin American hotel brand focused on water-based leisure. A key feature of this project is that the business was formatted for a separate operation, without relying on the existing hotel's leisure facilities. Construction was scheduled to begin in 2021 but has been postponed since.


The Brazilian branch of VOA Associates, under the leadership of Eduardo Manzano and Marcos Leite Bastos, was in charge of the project.

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