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Itá City Touristic Master Plan

Itá, SC


Deployment Area: Approx. 1,000 HA

Scope: Masterplanning


In the 1980s, the city of Itá was completely removed from the banks of the Uruguay River to a 180-meter high plateau to allow the flooding of the dam that would form the Itá Hydroelectric Power Plant on the border with the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

The loss of connection with Rio, important for the city's social and historical life, led the city hall to contract a Master Plan project to reconnect the city to its main source.

Hotel areas, cultural and sports areas, parks and other accesses to the water level were designed, all connected by a 2,000 m long “boardwalk” uniting the “new city” to the site of the old city marked by the towers of the old church that remained preserved, although submerged, but with most of them on the water.

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